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Organisation / Yoga Teacher


Travelling in and with nature has been a major part of my life. After the first "well planned" trips I quickly realized that especially while travelling "less is more". As "being in the moment" got more and more important I had the luck to get to learn yoga in 1998.

To me yoga has been the logical evolution from the outer to the inner journey. 


If the path is the goal, life can only be a journey! 

• Master of Sports Science and Management 
• Yoga Teacher (Trainings in Sri Lanka & Australien)
• Kitesurf Instructor (Austrian Kite Surfing Federation)
• Ski Instructor (Austrian Skiing Association) 


Organisation / Systemic Coach / Supervisor (psychosocial counselling)


After having grown up in the mountains of Tyrol, I spent some years studying and working in big cities. Every time I came home I realized how good it felt to be surrounded by nature.


No matter if it's "only" the sight of snow-covered mountains or being carried by the waves of the deep-blue ocean - nature is so impressive and vitalizing to me.


About 15 years ago I found yoga to be my source of energy and healing. It gives me balance and strength - not only physically for my surfing and skiing abilities but also for my mind.


My concept of a healthy lifestyle is based on yoga with its manyfold aspects (e.g.: practise of yoga postures and breathing exercises, a mindful way of experiencing and treating my environment, meditation, a health-conscious nutrition etc.).

• Master of Business Administrations (Int. Management)
• Systemic Coach / Supervisor / Consultant for Workplace Health Promotion
• Yoga Teacher (Hatha Yoga - Iyengar Yoga / Ashtanga Yoga)

• Mindfulness Trainer (influenced by the teachings of Thich Nhat Hanh & Jon Kabat-Zinn)

• Ski Instructor (certified by the Austrian Skiing Association)



Surf Head Coach (Galicia)


I love the sea, the waves and the surf. This is why I made my passion my profession - as a surf instructor/surf guide and life guard on the marvellous beaches of my home town Ferrol.


Experiencing unforgettable moments together while enjoying our time in the waves is the biggest motivation for me.


Surfing together and helping others to experience the beauty of the sea and the waves is a wonderful thing, which I love to share with people from other countries and cultures.





  • Surf Instructor/Guide (Galician Surfing Federation)
  • Lifeguard


Yoga Teachers

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