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Location of the OndaRoot Lodge:


Nearest Airports

La Coruña (LCG): approx. 30 mins by car / 1 hr by bus
Santiago de Compostela (SCQ): approx. 1 hr by car / 1,5 hrs by bus
Porto (OPO): approx. 3,5 hrs by car / 6 hrs by bus & train

Flight Search Engines

(from many cities in A/D/CH to Santiago de Compostela)
(from Munich and other cities to Porto)
(from Frankfurt Hahn & Bergamo and many more to Santiago de Compostela, from Memmingen to Porto)
(from almost all big European airports to La Coruña & Santiago de Compostela)
(from London, Basel & Geneva and many more to Santiago de Compostela)
(from many European cities to Santiago & La Coruña)

By Bus or Train from the Airports

From Santiago de Compostela (SQC):

Take a bus ( from the Airport Labacolla to Santiago EE AA.
Take a bus ( from Santiago EE AA to Ferrol EE AA.

From La Coruña (LCG):

Take a bus (Asicasa) from the Airport Alvedro to La Coruña Estación

Take a bus ( from La Coruña Estación to Ferrol EE AA to Ferrol Estación

From Porto (OPO):

Porto Aeroporto via Vigo and La Coruña to Ferrol Estación -> search connection with

From Ferrol:

We offer a shuttle from Ferrol to the Surf & Yoga Lodge OndaRoot

By Car

Drive to the city of Ferrol using the highway (faster) or the national road (cheaper).

For the remaining 10 km we will send you detailed directions with your booking confirmation. (When booking, please let us know, if you go by car.)

Please note: Don't rely on your satnav! It might not find the exact adress.

Transfer - Service

Shuttle Santiago - Ondaroot: € 115* (incl. € 17 toll fee)

Shuttle La Coruña - Ondaroot: € 70* (incl. € 9 toll fee)

Shuttle OndaRoot - Ferrol: € 15*

*One way

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