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• What is OndaRoot?

Your personal time-out. Holidays where you can breathe again and let go.

We offer high-quality yoga, surf and kite lessons in small groups or privately. This ensures personal service and fast progress.
A professional systemic coach is available to work on your dreams and goals with you.

The OndaRoot team is there for you around the clock - before and during your stay.

• Who is OndaRoot Morocco?

The owners Leila & Cri take care of you personally. Click here to find more information on them. The team is completed by our surf instructor Ibrahim who grew up in the village and knows the surfspots like the back of his hand.

• I am travelling alone. Is that a problem?

No problem at all. About half of our guests are travelling alone. They enjoy having time for themselves or spend time with other likeminded travelers. You decide what is right for you at the moment.

• What is the average age of your guests?

Our guests are mainly between 25 and 40 years old, but we also host younger or older travelers. Age is not important at our place. As long as you are looking for a retreat in untouched nature, you are likely to meet likeminded people.

• How many people can participate at the Yoga, Surf & Kite Retreats in Morocco?

Our retreats are limited to 12 guests per week. This assures tranquility and relaxation far away from mass-tourism.
We offer premium yoga, surf and kite lessons in small groups (or privately if you prefer) in order to ensure personal service and fast progress.

• Is OndaRoot Morocco suited for families?

Although our retreats are focused on adults, it is possible to bring your kids as the apartments are quite spacious and have room for up to 4 people.

• Are there other activities besides surfing, kitesurfing and yoga?


We are happy to organise further activities like dromedary trekking, windsurfing, hiking, guided city tours etc. for you.

• How is the weather?

In November the average daily temperature is around 25 degrees Celsius. Usually it hardly rains at this time of the year.
We recommend you to bring long pants and a light jacket in case of cooler nights. During the day you should be fine wearing summer and beach clothes.

Booking/Before the trip

• How do I book?

Please send us your preferred travel dates and package. We will let you know if there is availability. For a booking we need some details and a down payment. As soon as you decide to make a booking we will email you our booking requirements.

• Do I book the flight by myself?

Yes, please book the flight on your own. We are not a travel agency so we are not able to offer you all-in-one packages. We recommend search engines like etc.

If you have a hard time to find an appropriate flight, we will be glad to help you.

• What should I bring?

We provide you with bed linen and towels (a large & a small one) which are exchanged once a week. We recommend to bring an extra beach towel.
As evenings can get a bit chilly we recommend to bring some warm clothes (e.g.: long pants, sweater, a light weatherproof jacket) beside your summer clothing. If you need a hair dryer please bring one.
Yoga mats are provided for the yoga class participants.

• Which clothing is appropriate regarding the muslim religion?

On the beach and in the hotel bikini, bathing suit or boardshorts are perfectly fine. In the village beach clothing can be worn without problems. In Essaouira women should wear clothes which cover shoulders, décolletage and knees.

• On which days can I arrive/leave?


Arrival and departure days are usually on Saturdays. If possible (depending on availability) you can also arrive on Friday or Sunday. Our courses usually start on Sunday or Monday.

• Which time can I check in/check out?


You can check in at 3pm or later. Check out time is 12pm. 
If you arrive before check-in or want to leave later you can store your baggage in the hotel until your room is ready or until your departure.

• Can I book „accommodation only“?


For companions we can offer the possibility to book „accommodation only“. Please request.

• I am traveling alone. Can I share an apartment/ a double room with another guest?


It is possible to share a double room if another guest also wants to share the room. If not you can book a single room (single room surcharge applies). When you book please let us know, if you want to share an appartement/ a room and if you want to share only with a guest of the same sex.

• Is it possible to extend my stay (longer than a week)?


Extension days are possible depending on availability. 

Getting there

• How do I get to OndaRoot Morocco?

Most of our guests come by plane to Marrakech or Agadir and then take the bus or a rental car to get to us. You can find details here. Alternatively we are happy to organize a shuttle taxi for you.
Apart from that you can use our Facebook car-sharing group to find or organise a travel community with other guests of OndaRoot.

There is also the possibility to use public transport from Marrakech:
Go by bus (1 €) or taxi (10-15 €) from the airport to the bus terminal. Use Supratours or CTM direct bus service to Essaouira (10 €). Then continue by bus (1 €, 1h drive) or taxi (10 €, 20 min drive).

• Which details do you need to organize a shuttle taxi for me?

If you wish to go by shuttle taxi, please send us an email at least 2 days before your arrival with the following information:

- arrival date
- arrival time
- flight number
- number of travelers

• Can I share the shuttle taxi?

It is possible to share the ride, if another guest also wants to share the shuttle taxi. In this case the costs will be split between the passengers. W
hen you book please let us know, if you would like a shuttle taxi and if you would like to share the ride.

• How do I recognize the shuttle taxi driver?

The driver is waiting in the arrival hall for you. He either has a sign with your name or the title OndaRoot, so you can easily recognize him.


• What is the breakfast like?

For breakfast the typical moroccan flatbread is served with butter and jam. Besides that you will also get a croissant and/or omelette, a freshly made tomato spread, yoghurt, freshly squeezed mandarine juice and tea or coffee. Breakfast in the neighboring hotel can slightly differ.

• At what time do you serve breakfast?

Breakfast is served from 8.30h until 12.00h.

• I am a vegetarian/vegan. Do you have vegetarian/vegan breakfast for me?

Breakfast: Butter cam be exchanged to margarine or olive oil on request. Please let us know with your booking.

Lunch: Just around the corner (about 2 minutes by foot) you find a handful of bistros which offer a wide variety of traditional moroccan and also international dishes. All of them have vegetarian or vegan meal options.

Dinner: For vegen/vegetaria guests different kinds of salads, freshly made vegetable soups, vegetable tajines (dutch oven), pasta with vegetalle sauce, mushroom risotto, etc. will be served.

• Are there restaurants nearby?

You find a handful of bistros which offer a wide variety of traditional moroccan and also international dishes just 2 minutes away from the hotel. There are also little shops where you can buy water, fruits, vegetables and small snacks.


• I am new to yoga, my girlfriend has already been practicing for a few years. Are the yoga classes suited for me?

Our main focus is to meet the needs of every single guest and to create the ideal setting for beginners as well as advanced yogis and yoginis. We achieve this goal by keeping the group size small (max. 10 participants).

• Which style of yoga do you practice?

Leila is teaching Hatha Yoga, strongly influenced by the methods of B.K.S. Iyengar and K. Pattabhi Jois (Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga). Her lessons are meditative on the one hand and challenging for both body and mind on the other hand.

In a well-structured way she shows you how to energise and balance your body as well as your mind and soul. Leila gives you individual and careful support and always brings your attention back to your breathing. She focuses on a correctly aligned posture but also encourages you to replace a performance-oriented attitude by sensitivity for yourself. By training your awareness you sensitize your perception and learn to focus your mind.

• I am quite inflexible. Can I do Yoga at all?

Especially in this case yoga is ideal for you. Mindful stretching helps you to become more flexible and to losen up muscle bracings. Less flexible people often have the advantage to be more stable in postures which require some balance.

• Do I have to bring a yoga mat?

We provide yoga mats as well as belts and blocks for our yoga course participants.

• How long is a yoga class?

A yoga class is min. 1,5 hours.


• I am a beginner, are the waves suited for me?

On the beach in front of the hotel you find ideal conditions for beginners and intermediate surfers in smaller swells. On bigger swells the beach of Essaouira is always surfable and perfectly suited for beginners. The shuttle to the beach is of course included in the surf course.

• How many people are participating at the surf course?

A maximum of 5 participants per instructor guarantees personal assistance and fast progress.

• Is the surf equipment included in the course?

Yes, surfboard and wetsuit are included in the surf course.

• Can I use the surf equipment after surf class?

On surf course days you are free to use our boards and wetsuits the whole day - as long as you want.

• How do I get to the beach?

The beach is only 2 minutes by foot.

• Which surfboards are available for rent?

You can choose between mini malibus, malibus and longboards as well as a small variety of shortboards (depending on availability).

• Do you offer surf theory lessons?

Theory lessons build an essential part of our 5 day surf course. Besides theory input on the beach by our instructors, we offer an extensive theory lesson in the hotel.

• I would like to try surfing, can I book trial lessons or private lessons?

You can book a trial surf lesson or private lessons at your arrival.
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