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Systemic Coaching

Coaching is designed to improve existing skills, competence and performance, and to enhance their personal effectiveness, personal development or personal growth of individuals, groups and teams.

Systemic coaching focuses on your strengths and interests, is goal-, action- and solution-oriented and thus is capacity building by amplifying your ability to reflect and act even when you are under stress.

Coaching Retreat

Burn Out Prevention through Coaching, Yoga & Surfing
In a world that seems to become more and more imbalanced, we strive for inner balance. But how can we reach inner balance?

The deep blue atlantic ocean off Galicia's untouched coastline, a pure nature paradise - which place could be better to explore your true goals and find yourself.

"What makes me really happy? What can I change in my professional or private life in order to reach my goals? Do I even know my true goals? Maybe you have already asked yourself these or similar questions.

We will help you define and focus on your goals - not only mentally but also physically and emotionally. The combination of systemic coaching, yoga and surfing is a strong tool to harmonize body, mind and soul for sustainable personal growth.
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