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Surf Course

Surfing is an individualistic sports.
...and we treat it that way.

You finally want to learn to surf and race down the waves, but you just don’t feel like going to one of those mass-surfcamps? 


We want you to get the most out of your surfcourse. This is why we offer measure-made surf lessons with personal and professional coaching plus extensive theory lessons including a detailed video analysis* - for more fun and faster progress.


Max. group size: 6 persons/instructor 


In our small groups you experience fast learning in a friendly and personal atmosphere. We always put quality over quantity - not only in our surf courses.

Further we time our surf lessons according to the best surfing conditions of the day unlike many other surf schools who always go out at the same time regardless of the conditions.

Our surf instructors are experienced and know the surf spots like the back of their hand. They will make sure you are safe and support you whereever they can - for your unforgettable surfing experience.


Attention: If you have tried surfing once, you want more. For more information on risks and side effects, please write an email to



*Videoanalysis only in Galicia



Rental Boards

The right board is a different one for each surfer. With the right board you can catch a lot more waves. This is why we have different sizes and shapes (Longboards, Malibus, Mini-Malibus, Funboards and Shortboards) for you to choose from. 

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