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Yoga opens the way to your true goals

Yoga is a universal system of methods and techniques for personal development.
With regular practice of Asanas (body postures) in combination with conscious breathing, your body becomes healthier, more flexible as well as stronger and your mind calmer and more focussed.
Especially in fast-paced times like these, this can be the key to a balanced life.

In the last few years many surfers have started to practice yoga. This is no coincidence. If you have ever tried surfing you have probably realized that an extra portion of balance, strength and flexibility helps considerably to improve your performance. At the same time the mental aspect of yoga has the potential to free your mind from any kinds of inhibiting doctrines and awake unimagined abilities. 


We practise in small groups (max. 10 participants). Our main focus is to meet the needs of every single client and to create the ideal setting for beginners as well as advanced yogis and yoginis.


We invite you to participate at a holistic body-mind experience and to feel how intense life can be.


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Yoga Teachers


Leila is teaching Hatha Yoga, influenced by the methods of B.K.S. Iyengar and K. Pattabhi Jois (Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga) as well as the mindfulness practise taught by Thich Nhat Hanh. Her lessons are meditative on the one hand and challenging for both body and mind on the other hand.

In a well-structured way she shows you how to energise and balance your body as well as your mind and soul. Leila gives you individual and careful support and always brings your attention back to your breathing. She focuses on a correctly aligned posture but also encourages you to replace a performance-oriented attitude by sensitivity for yourself. By training your awareness you sensitize your perception and learn to focus your mind.



Chrissi is not only a passionate yoga teacher and surfer but has actually worked as a doctor in orthopedics before she decided to make her passion her profession.


Asking her what yoga means to her and what is important for her when teaching, she answers:
“I love being in nature and especially the ocean. To me yoga and surfing is the ideal combination. I like to wake up and get ready for surfing with my yoga practise or stretch and restore after the surf. My medical background influences the way I teach – to me correct alignment is essential – but also the mental and spiritual side of yoga is important. Combining a focus on body and mind makes yoga such a powerful tool which gives me focus, inner peace and happiness. The same happens to me when I’m in contact with nature, especially with the ocean. I set out to reach this state of mind and hope to pass this on to others through my yoga practice.”

Qualifications: Yoga Teacher (RYT 200h, Hatha Yoga, Workshops on Vinyasa Yoga and Restorative Yoga)


Cri´s first contact with "mind over matter" was already at the age of 14 years where he was introduced to autogenic training. After that he got to know Tao Yoga which brought him closer to meditation and the connection between body, mind and soul. He went further on to Hatha Yoga where he had teacher trainings in Australia, Sri Lanka and Austria.


Classic Hatha Yoga combined with energy exercises from Qi Gong and structures of Vinyasa Flow Yoga build the basis of Cri´s Yoga classes.


Yoga is neither acrobatical gymnastics nor a self fulfillment program for the upper class - it is a way to yourself.

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